Kansas City Exterior Painter

Kansas City Exterior Painter

Exterior painting is essential for bringing out the beauty of your home and also protecting your wall surfaces. Whether it’s your home or office, getting the right exterior paint can instantly improve the value of the property and also help improve its value.


However, this is one of those building projects that require a professional. Getting a Kansas City exterior painter can be as easy as ABC but getting the right one may take some effort on your part. If you’re considering painting outside your home or commercial property, you should continue reading to find some vital tips for protecting yourself when hiring an exterior painter.

How to protect yourself when hiring an exterior painter in Kansas City

Getting a Kansas City exterior painter isn’t usually a daunting process as there are so many to choose from. However, there are certain pitfalls to avoid when making this decision and we’ll guide you through some of them below.

Check your contractor’s credentials

You should ideally check out the credentials of your exterior painter pertaining to the job you’re considering them for. This will help you understand whether they’re qualified to handle the project or how long they’ve been qualified for.

Educate yourself about exterior painting requirements

If you’re looking to hire an exterior painter, you’ll need to know your stuff or at least the basics. Make efforts to educate yourself about what the project would require in order to be completed.


For instance, if you live in a very old house that was painted with lead based paint, you’ll need to know this in advance and understand how the safe removal of the old pain can affect the costs.

Get a contract examined by a lawyer if possible

Getting a contract from your exterior painter is one of the best ways you can protect yourself. An ideal contract should contain the full specification of work to be carried out, all the extras involved, any warranties and insurance, as well as the stipulated time frame for completion of the project.


However, you should ensure that you thoroughly examine the contract and even get a lawyer to examine it where necessary to avoid any tricky clauses.

Workout your payment schedule or negotiate terms in advance

In situations where the exterior painter accepts payments in installments, you should try to work out what the financial requirements would be on your part and how you can spread the payments. 


Negotiating payment terms or the contract well in advance is a great way to protect yourself when hiring an exterior painter in Kansas City.



Getting the exterior of your house painted is an essential home improvement project and rightly so. It’s that part of your property that gives a first and lasting impression. If you’re in the market for a Kansas City exterior painter, you should carefully consider the tips highlighted here to keep yourself protected.